Sunday, May 10, 2015

System 7 & Mirror System Latest Album Titled : N + X

System 7 & Mirror System, Track Titled : 5 Beat

System 7 & Mirror System, Track Titled : Chic Psychedelic 

Friday, May 8, 2015

AES Dana *Featuring Miktek, , Single Album Titled : Cut

AES DANA, Featuring Miktek , Single Album, Titled : Cut 

The latest from Abacus, a Single titled : The Beginning

Abacus,  Track titled : The Beginning 

Here is the latest EP Release by Tipper, Titled : Fathoms

Tipper's new LP titled : Fathoms 

Electronic Music I'm listening to in 2015


I have not been posting much for quite some time on this blog.  I will be posting some of the very cool, and enjoyable Electronic Music I'm enjoying listening to these days. Hopefully, you will discover some new music as well.

Have Fun.

All The Best