Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Craig Armstorng's Score for The Great Gatsby

The Score for The Great Gatsby 
by Craig Armstrong 

A Great Soundtrack by Mr. Armstrong ! 

Bear McCreary's Score for the movie Europa Report

The Score for the movie Europa Report by: 
Bear McCreary

A wonderful soundtrack with a blend of orchestral and electronic sounds that 
nicely captures the mood and energy of a futuristic Sci-Fi movie.

Take a Listen :

George Fenton's Score for the movie : The Zero Theorem

Another Score I like a lot is the Score for the new movie release this year (2014) for the movie :

The Zero Theorem 
Music Composed by : George Fenton 
Which is also one of my favorite film composers 

Cosmos (The Original TV Documentary Series) Music by Alan Silvestri

Hi, Talking about new film score.

One of the new scores I am enjoying is for the Cosmos TV documentary Series.
The music score was composed by Alan Silvestri, which is one of my favorite film composers.

This is a four volume release, with a wide range of music.

A nice balance between a purely acoustic epic orchestral character, and a bit of
electronic/synthesizer passages mixed in once in a while. 

I highly recommend you check this soundtrack, and there is a lot of music to keep you entertained in the four volumes ! 

Here is a Track from Cosmos

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Here is another interesting panel discussion on the topic of Action Film Scoring in 2014, which took place in New Port Beach Film Festival.

Enjoy ! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello, and Welcome !

It's May 1st,  2014, Time surely flies. 
I would like to cover the area of Film Scores. In specific some of the newer scores released during the end of 2013 and early 2014 

Let's start with an interesting conversation between film composer Hans Zimmer, and Junkie XL that took place during April, 2014 at the International Music Summit, in Los Angeles. Which is a fascinating discussion that has a unique focus on how Electronic Music is playing a primary role in many new film scores these days, and the enormous potential it has yet to contribute to the area of film scoring. I hope you find it interesting, and enjoyable.