Saturday, September 22, 2012

This is a video I took of the Space Shuttle's Flyover event on Sept. 21, 2012.  
Filmed at Santa Monice Beach, CA . Close to the Santa Monica Pier. Around noon. 

It was amazing see the Shuttle in the sky docked on the special Jumbo jet that was heading to LAX. The Space Shuttle will be then transported to the Museum of Science & Industry in Los Angeles for it's final resting place, where the Public can enjoy seeing it up close ! 


House Music Documentary
Here is an interesting documentary about House Music, and how it became so popular

Part 1

Part 2

Simon Posford's (aka. Shpongle) Studio
For Shpongle Fans !

Here is a cool video showing Simon Posford's Studio
I'm a big fan of Simon, he is a very talented musician/composer