Saturday, October 17, 2015


Today I will start posting some of the Synth/Electronic Style Soundtracks I have been fond of, that were released during the past three years. (2012-2015), I hope you will discover some new music, and enjoy this type of genre.  I will be building up this list of Synth-Based Soundtracks during this month. 

You will notice that some of these soundtracks sound mostly synthetic as far as their orchestration is concerned, but others will be what I term a Hybrid Acoustic-Synthetic Orchestration, but the focus here is on a more Synthetically emphasized Hybrid  Soundtrack, since I'm showcasing Synth-Based Soundtracks in this post. 

So.. Let's Start

One of the latest soundtrack releases that I am enjoying lately is by Electronic Music Artist Steve Moore, for the movie Cub.

Have a listen, and enjoy. It has a dark, and mysterious quality to it.  I'm guessing that has a lot to do with the movie. You might want to check out some of Steve Moore's other (non-soundtrack) Albums, which I enjoy a lot.  


Jonas Struck's Scores for the movies Idealisten and 9. April

Both of these soundtracks are very synth oriented, I enjoyed listening to both a lot. 


Disasterpeace's Score for the movie It Follows


Cliff Martinez's  Score for the TV Series The Knick

Interesting how a Synth-Based Score worked in this period based TV Series. Contrast works ! 


Michael Montes Score for movie Welcome To The Machine


Sinoia Caves's Score for the movie Beyond The Black Rainbow


Jon Opstad's Score for the Series Black Mirror (White Christmas) 


Dave Porter's Score for Series Breaking Bad 


Jeff Grace's Score for the movie Cold In July. Here is the track titles 'Intruder' . 


Ben Sailsbury & Geoff Barrow's Score for the movie 
Ex Machina 


Matthew Llewellyn's Score for the movie The Murder Pact


Antonio Pinto & Dudu Aram's Score for the movie The Odyssey

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hi and Welcome !

During September and October, I will be posting some of the newer electronic-synthetic flavored soundtracks that were released betweem 2012 and 2015.   

Note : I had planned to post this during August, but due to life's busy schedule, I am a delayed, and would be starting to post this during the last week of Sept. and into October. Sorry for the delay. 

I enjoy listening to electronic-synth based orchestration, especially soundtracks. I also feel that there is a trend to go back to this type of orchestration which was once quite popular during the 80's and 90's , although I find today's electronic-synthetic scores to be darker in character when compared to their earlier counterparts of the 80's and 90's and have more of an edge in their sonic timbre, and composers are venturing into more experimental and unexpected territories in pushing this unique art form to newer, higher level of expression.   Noting that some of these soundtracks utilize a hybrid Acoustic + Synthetic sound palette, I will also be showcasing some of the of the darker sounding soundtracks of 2012-2015 which venture into experimental, ambient genres of music. 


New Album by Stefan Torto : The Forbidden Journey

Stefan Torto's Latest Album release : The Forbidden Journey

A wonderful, and very creative work of modern electronic music. 
A very well done project, sophisticated, entertaining, with a cool, and chilled intelligent character. This is one of my favorite Electronic Albums this year. 

The New LukHash Album : The Other Side

The New LukHash Album : The Other Side
Great album, just like their former albums, lots of fun, and energy !

Sunday, May 10, 2015

System 7 & Mirror System Latest Album Titled : N + X

System 7 & Mirror System, Track Titled : 5 Beat

System 7 & Mirror System, Track Titled : Chic Psychedelic